Friday, June 18, 2010

Elder's Meeting in Naguake - Mediavilla

Reunion Naguake en  Mediavilla -  Humacao
17  de  junio  2010 

At  the  meeting the  Elders  formed a rescue team  in preparation for  an  
emergency  such  as  an  earthquake  or  tsunami.  This  is  the  first rescue of  its kind  in Puerto  Rico.  The rescue  workshops  were  offered  by  Mr.  Perez,  member  of  Our  Taino  Land  League (Liga  Guakia  Taina ke).

President Evelyn  Rios  and Elders  give  approval  of  
the  Naguake  Farm-Garden  Project.

Mr.  Perez demonstrates the  techniques of  surviving am  earthquake   and  tsunami.

Elders  from  Ryder participating  the  Our  Taino Land League workshop.

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